Rock Maze

Sensory Design

What is it?

Sensory design is based around the concept that we experience our environments around us with all eight of our basic senses. Our senses play a vital role in how we experience these environments and our mission at Three Temples Design is to create environments that support individuals' needs and foster connections between the body, mind, and soul. The information and influences we receive when we enter a space greatly affects our mood, our behaviour and our well-being. 

Our eight senses include:

  • Visual - eyes, sight, seeing, looking

  • Auditory - ears, hearing, listening

  • Olfactory - nose, scent, smell

  • Tactile - skin, touch, feel

  • Gustatory - tongue, mouth, taste

  • Vestibular - balance, head movement

  • Proprioception - body movement, moving in space

  • Interoception - internal body sense, breathing, hunger, thirst